Everyone’s business?

How are the various ideals of journalism impacted by the business of journalism?

William Woo (2007), director of the graduate program in Journalism at Stanford University, suggests: “At its core, the functional definition of journalism is much like the functional definition of a duck. If it looks like journalism, acts like journalism, and produces the work of journalism, then it’s journalism, and the people doing it are journalists. Whoever they are.”

To be a journalist you don’t need to have the right education or verification. Actually, a few years ago it was very common that journalists didn’t have any education at all. Today – most people that want to work in the media industry get that education.
I don’t think nothing has really changed…

Journalism is still fundamentally the same; To report a fair and accurate account of the events happening around our community and around the world. Media College (Wavelength Media, 2014) suggests that the following five points make a story newsworthy:

  1. The story’s timing
  2. Significance
  3. Proximity
  4. Prominence
  5. Human interest.

This means, everyone with Internet access and the right device can report like journalists. Just imagine being in the mountains when an avalanche arises. You pick up you smartphone to capture it all. When you get home you post a video to Twitter.
– Is this journalism?

Jay Rosen, professor of journalism at NYU, said at the 2012 Melbourne Writers Festival: “Journalism is anything that expands your horizon.”
If that is what journalism is about, I know a lot of people that are not referencing to themselves as journalists, but still are expanding my horizon everyday (..looking through my Instagram feed for instance).

It’s not hard to understand why working as a journalist has become more stressful than ever.


(Picture found at goodnewsaday.wordpress.com)


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