Being a citizen journalist

What is citizen journalism?

That is Jay Rosen, Professor of Journalism at NYU, definition of “citizen journalism”.

I am not sure if I totally agree with Mr. Rosen. I think not every person who posts videos, pictures or other updates online are aware of their audience. Journalism is reporting facts, and people of all kinds do this all the time today, even if most of it might not been as “journalism” and is not very newsworthy. I think citizen journalism is when citizens post something a journalist could have done, aware or not. The post the citizen posts could be meant for an all different purpose, maybe even the wrong purpose, and still be newsworthy to a lot of people.

The citizens are normally the audience of news, now this has changed. People are taking their smartphones everywhere, a lot of people are even taking with them cameras everywhere they go. This makes it incredibly easy for anyone to capture pictures or videos if they find themselves at a scene of something worth sharing. The sharing part is even easier. This makes it of course hard to be a journalist. The journalists can’t be everywhere, but people always are, and with them are their phones and cameras. In my last post I wrote about why this could be a problem for journalism…



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