Dreaming of the land Down Under?

A year in Australia is a tempting thought for young people from all over the world, and why shouldn’t it be? Long beaches, warm weather, good looking surfers, cute koalas and exotic kangaroos. A working holiday visa is often the solution of fulfilling these dreams.

A working holiday visa allows you to stay in Australia for up to 12 months and to work in any job for six months. Visitvictoria.com says that it is “plenty of short-term employment opportunities, especially over the summer”.

The working holiday program was established in January 1975 with the main purpose to “promote international understanding by enabling young people to experience the culture of another country. The first year saw fewer than 2,000 Working Holiday visas issued, a figure that has grown significantly to the last reported figures for 2005–06 of 113,936. Working holiday makers have a positive effect on the Australian economy(wikipedia.org). Spain is the latest country to sign a reciprocal work and holiday visa arrangement with Australia aimed at young people from both countries.

How to prepare yourself

Currently young overseas travellers can extend their one-year holiday visas to two years if they work for two 86-day stints in regional Australia.
Farmers in the Northern Territory are delighted at the latest plan to bridge the gaping shortage of farmhands and fruit pickers with a visa scheme allowing semi-skilled foreign workers to stay in Australia for longer than a two-year backpacker working-holiday visa would allow.

Before you start working, you must open a bank account and obtain a Tax File Number (TFN) from the Australian Taxation Office Visit a post office for an application form. The government suggests having at least $5,500 in your bank account and a return ticket before you leave home.

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Is it hard to find a job?

The majority of hospitality and construction jobs in Australia require the completion of a course prior to commencing work, however most courses are relatively short and inexpensive.

But; there are divided opinions on how hard it is to find short-term work in Australia:


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